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From reality into virtual precision : Sell more digital data and designs with our Scan To BIM and Photorealistic Visualization services.

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Meet architecture technologists CJ and Joshua Noble, the brains behind Xcal3D.

We turn reality into virtual precision, helping you sell more digital data and designs with our Scan To BIM and Photorealistic Visualization services.

We’re all about innovation, saving you time and money to scale your projects effortlessly.

Our multidimensional approach creates captivating designs that leave a lasting impact.


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From Reality into Virtual Precision: Sell more property digital data and designs with our subscription plans



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Discover what our delighted clients have to say about our cutting edge service and the impact it has had on their projects.


My projects are very difficult and detail oriented. Hiring a great partner for my rendering is very important. Someone who is engaged in the process and having the understanding of the vision… I have found Jay to be the best person for this task. We had a lot of back and forth to achieve the great result we had. Thank you Jay for being patient and understanding and putting your skills to work.

Danilo Bonazza

Art & Mosaics


My friend Christian was awesome with the job. Although at first, there were some challenges in finishing the work, he was very honest, patient, hardworking, and efficient in making the villa drawings. I can tell he is really a cad expert by providing nice, clean, and quality output. You must hire him if you are looking to do quality and timely jobs for your design projects through the AutoCAD application. I would definitely work with him again on my villa projects for long term Inshallah

Ahmed Awnadal



I’ve worked with Jay on several projects now and I have to say he does a phenomenal job! He is extremely responsive, his work is done quickly and efficiently, he corrects any issues that come up, and he is always willing to work hard to get the job done! He was exactly what we needed to get our Archviz projects back on track and completed for our clients. If you are looking for someone to do your 3D visualization and animation work, I can’t recommend Jay enough! Just hire him! You won’t be sorry you did!

Mike Fenton

Solstice Pools


Hi, I’m Kirk Sullivan, owner of San Juan Fiberglass Pools. Thanks to CJ Noble’s outstanding 3D renderings, we’ve revolutionized our pool-selling experience. The detailed and immersive visuals allow customers to envision their new pool in their backyard, leading to more informed decisions and increased sales. CJ Noble’s renderings have not only boosted our pool sales but also facilitated upselling additional features like waterfalls and lighting. Working with CJ Noble has set us apart in the market, providing customers with an exceptional buying experience. If you’re a pool dealer aiming to enhance sales and customer satisfaction, I highly recommend partnering with CJ Noble for top-notch 3D renderings.

Kirk Sullivan

San Juan Pools


Dear Christian, you always amaze me with professionalism and accuracy in work, thank you for what you provide and I wish you the best wherever you are.

Omar Alkhalil

1.2 Architects

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Discover what our delighted clients have to say about our services and the transformative impact it has had on their projects.